Tunnel Vision


To those of us of a certain age, SLF means Stiff Little Fingers but in this context it means Stephane Lefrancois and his new techno Tunnel Vision EP.

There’s a densely textured approach to the tracks, with everything resting on multiple layers of sounds, rather than any obvious hooks. But the varied percussion loops and synth layers give it a complex swirling hypnotic charm.

Blurb: SLF, otherwise known as Stephane Lefrancois started his musical career in the early 90’s playing drums for various ensembles in Paris, his home city. Since moving to London, via Canada, he has released music on various labels including Compost, !K7 and BBE, and runs his own Secret Music imprint.

The “Tunnel Vision EP” contains four tracks that typify Stephane’s fascination with dense, evolving synth textures and effects units.

Maze Runner is an electronic exploration of dreamy, tortured textures weaving through multi-layered and complex percussion. Going Down is a deep tech burner, slowly building on a persistent and wonderfully moody groove that lends itself to repeated listening as new details and ear candy creep out. Tunnel Vision is a subterranean journey through the deepest sonic tunnels. Hypnotic and infectious the deeper you delve. Sideways sees SLF flex his electronic house side with this driving almost afro-tinged groove.


~ by acidted on June 14, 2015.

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