As the best wine doth make the sharpest vinegar, so the deepest love turneth to the deadliest hate*. Here’s Femmes, the new album from Discoforticut. It’s an electronic album but set with acoustic guitar and a dash of sunshine. Probably that over-used word Balearic is appropriate here but with a touch more electro that is usual.

Discoforticut say Femmes is “10 tracks dedicated to 10 different imaginary girls. 10 places around the world we’ve never seen and we’ll never see. 10 scents of desire, passion, melancholy and revenge.” It’s perhaps an awkward album, since it doesn’t fit neatly into any genres. It range across electro and downtempo and all points in-between. Iris Out of Bed is a particular highlight with the lovely xylophone tripping across it, giving a cinematic feel. All swishing skirts, chiffon scarves tied around the neck and vespas. This album arrived when it was cold and wet and it didn’t really do anything. But today the sun is shining, there’s a light breeze and so it makes perfect sense.

Blurb: Femmes scaturisce dall’irriverenza e dall’odio per tutto ciò che è rassicurante.  Femmes sono le donne vissute, immaginate, sognate, possibili, lontane, azzurre, fantasmatiche.  Femmes è caldo, è deserto, è sudore ed insetti, ma è anche tundra, vento forte e malinconia glaciale.  Femmes è fuga, è desiderio bruciante, è dove vorresti essere quando ti svegli, è sale ed è aceto.  Femmes è jungla da elettrificare, è viaggiare su un divano rosso, dormire in terrazza, è non-luogo.  Femmes sono i posti che non vedrai mai, le donne che non incontrerai, la sabbia che non ti entrerà negli occhi, le spezie che non assaggerai ed i fiumi in cui non scivolerai.  Femmes sono dieci possibilità, dieci pozioni ritmiche ed emotive da sorseggiare lentamente, oppure da buttare giù tutto d’un fiato, dieci vestiti assopiti o fiammeggianti su dieci femmine a troppe miglia da qui.

*Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/j/johnlyly138784.html#ESm1SCUZb5ujW8Td.99


~ by acidted on June 15, 2015.

3 Responses to “Femmes”

  1. I’ve had a little free time this afternoon, so I’ve decided to try and translate the blurb:
    ‘Femmes’ comes from irreverence and hatred for all that is reassuring. ‘Femmes’ are women lived, imagined, dreamed, possible, distant, blue, ghostly. ‘Femmes’ is heat, it’s the desert, it’s sweat and insects, but it’s also the tundra, high winds and icy melancholy. ‘Femmes’ is an escape, it’s a burning desire, it’s where you want to be when you wake up, it’s salt and vinegar. ‘Femmes’ is a jungle to be electrified, it’s traveling on a red couch, it’s sleeping on the roof, it’s a non-place. ‘Femmes’ are the places you’ll never see, are women you’ll never meet, it’s the sand that won’t get into your eyes, are spices you won’t taste and rivers you won’t slip into. ‘Femmes’ are ten possibilities, ten rhythmic and emotional potions to be sipped slowly, or to be knocked down all in one breath, ten drowsy or flaming clothes on ten women too many miles from here.

  2. […] had the album Femmes from Discoforticut a few days back. Here’s an exclusive interview with them and a previously unreleased track (the bonus track […]

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