Caturday: Moar Søren Kittehgaard‏


Kittehgaard says: “Boredom is the root of all evil – the despairing refusal to be oneself.  That’s why I like to get krunked up on catnip.”

I associated philosophy with jazz, so something described as “techno slowed down and stretched out and reconfigured as free jazz” sounded just perfect. It’s from x-ray three and is far better than that pseudy description would imply. It’s all synths and drone.

It comes in frosted clear vinyl 180g heavyweight LP in screenprinted PVC wallet + download Limited edition of 250 copies

Blurb: “It has all the music I like in it” – Blue Tapes response to Benjamin Finger’s initial submission of Amorosa Sensitiva.

That music is cloud-rolled drones and sun-speckled synths; it is low tides of distant cello, ebbing into view; it is tiny hits of percussion clustering protectively around sustained piano patterns; it is techno slowed down and stretched out and reconfigured as free jazz; it is cascades of notes that tilt your head back and lift your legs into the air and scroll around you; it is snatches of human conversation rendered as abstract song textures, which lends a hallucinatory logic to the LP’s narrative.

Over the past six years, Benjamin has conjured as many albums of meditative, atmospheric compositions that draw from multiple sources but retain a very natural and intuitive musicianship – one that prevents the juxtaposed sounds from sounding patchwork or contrary.

Amorosa Sensitiva isn’t just stylistically varied though, it has a wide emotional palette – is as comfortable exhibiting ferocity as bliss. It has all the music we like in it and probably quite a lot of the music you like, too.


~ by acidted on June 20, 2015.

2 Responses to “Caturday: Moar Søren Kittehgaard‏”

  1. ‘It comes in frosted clear vinyl 180g heavyweight LP in screen-printed PVC wallet…’

    I feel your excitement.

  2. Mmm… catnip…

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