Further Femmes


We had the album Femmes from Discoforticut a few days back. Here’s an exclusive interview with them and a previously unreleased track (the bonus track on the CD version of the album)

1. Who are Discoforticut and how did you get together?

Discoforgia and Ut! The producer and the musician. We met and banded together in 2013. At the beginning we were 3, then one of us left. We didn’t actually believe we would end up with an album.

2. Why an album about imaginary women?

Because they are much better than real ones! (just joking) We used them as inspiration, we sort of invented them, gave them a face, a body, a name, an origin, a personality, a mood, a scent . Then we tried to tell their particular story through our music.

3. Tell me about the idea behind Iris In the Bed (my favourite track)?

In a rainy night of May we wrote Iris In The Bed about this beautiful blonde girl liyng asleep in his room. Then we took the synth theme from that and use it to build a complete different track thinking about Iris eventually waking up alone in a nice sunny day, with a wonderful landscape and panorama of high mountains (it’s not a case, we were in Haute Savoie on the French Alps in August when we did that). I guess it was somehow an “Orbital-inspired” track.

4. Does the live experience differ from the recorded one?

We never played live yet, everything was made in our mobile studio (called Maramiss studio from the name of our favourite shish kebab in our town). We are now preparing the live experience (not easy at all) where we should get some more musicians with us on stage (a drummer and a keyboardist). We hope to be ready soon after the summer.

5. What next for Discoforticut?

We want to play, spread around our music and we are already thinking about new tracks and evolving and improving our sound. Maybe again in August on the french mountains not far from here.

Of the album I said “It’s an electronic album but set with acoustic guitar and a dash of sunshine. Probably that over-used word Balearic is appropriate here but with a touch more electro that is usual.” The extra track Glide (Over Thou) is a sort of glitch tune, more obviously electronic, a bit glitch almost jarring, with samples about bipolarity. A disconcerting sort of tune but ending with bells tolling, and that’s never a bad thing.

‘Femmes’ comes from irreverence and hatred for all that is reassuring. ‘Femmes’ are women lived, imagined, dreamed, possible, distant, blue, ghostly. ‘Femmes’ is heat, it’s the desert, it’s sweat and insects, but it’s also the tundra, high winds and icy melancholy. ‘Femmes’ is an escape, it’s a burning desire, it’s where you want to be when you wake up, it’s salt and vinegar. ‘Femmes’ is a jungle to be electrified, it’s traveling on a red couch, it’s sleeping on the roof, it’s a non-place. ‘Femmes’ are the places you’ll never see, are women you’ll never meet, it’s the sand that won’t get into your eyes, are spices you won’t taste and rivers you won’t slip into. ‘Femmes’ are ten possibilities, ten rhythmic and emotional potions to be sipped slowly, or to be knocked down all in one breath, ten drowsy or flaming clothes on ten women too many miles from here. translated from the original by Luca 


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