Film Music


Tomorrow sees the release of Film Music, a collaboration between Chris Coco and Lol Hammond (ex-Drum Club). This seven track affair is a chilled mood piece, not obviously cinematic in scale is more full of languid intent on the one hand and anxiety on the other. It’s less electronic than you’d expect and more guitar-based than you might imagine.

As an exclusive sample, here’s Girl In A Band. This is high on anxiety.


Lol Hammond and Chris Coco explore their mutual love of film music with a soundtrack EP that developed out of sessions making a trailer for a Danish movie.

The tracks range from Hinterland, a driving melancholy burst, to Black Orchid, a floating pastoral ride with dark undertones, to Distant Trains, a slither of ambient sound design.

Lol Hammond is a music supervisor and musician. He has worked on countless British films including Bronson, Football Factory, Monsters and London To Brighton and used to be in The Drum Club.

Chris Coco is a Balearic DJ, producer, broadcaster and compiler. He has worked For BBC R1 (Blue Room) and 2, Robbie Williams and DJ Magazine and DJed on every continent except Antarctica. He currently syndicates a weekly show called Melodica.


~ by acidted on July 5, 2015.

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