Camea – Orchestra Of Dreams


Pre-listen? Where did that phrase come from. Seems to be appearing in a number of PR company blurbs. Can you please take a moment to consider the phrase (word). OK. Let’s break it down. “Pre” means previous to or before. “Listen” means to hear something. Thus, pre-listen must mean before you’re hearing anything.  Which is surely silence. Gah.

Anyhow, here’s something that is worth listening to. It’s a new release from Camea on BPitch. The whole thing is a goodly slice of hypnotic techno, laced with a woozy focus. The Hallway is a lot more insistent with it’s chugging rhythm and lost vocals. Techno spun out. Orchestra of Dreams is almost not techno at all. It’s more of an IDM dream piece. A great trio.

Wormhole has a dark techno underpinning but offset by a gentle synth line that wraps its silken threads around you.

Blurb: After a busy Spring with the launch of her Neverwhere Radio show, new tracks on Get Physical and mixing their latest Full Body Workout compilation, CAMEA sets the stage for summer with her next Bpitch Control installment. This will be CAMEA‘s third solo release on Ellen Allien’s imprint, following up her highly acclaimed ‘City Watch Over Me’ and ‘Neverwhere’ singles, as well as a vinyl only remix project featuring Deadbeat, Locked Groove and Lee Jones. Now the Seattle-born artist and Berlin resident contributes a great three-track collection for her new single titled, ’The Hallway’, out in vinyl and digital format.

In this selection, CAMEA continues to lay the foundation for her experimental combination of deep house and tech- no with a collection of three mind-bending pieces. The A side track, Wormhole, is a peak time techno space burner for the main stage, while the B-side goes deeper with two kaleidoscopic tech house tunes. The titled track, ‚The Hallway’, is a psychotropic and funky descent, layered with trippy vocals and spaced-out melodies, all connected by an irresistibly towering peak. Finally, ‘Orchestra of Dreams’ concludes her release with a harmonious and passionate dance ballad, rippling it’s way in and out of FM synthesis and orchestral harmonies for an eerie and elegant piece. CAMEA’s sound and ideas speak loudly on this release, sharing with us another part of her journey and adding ano- ther essential piece to her discography and the Bpitch archive.


~ by acidted on July 7, 2015.

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