Caturday Kittehgaard‏ goes neutral


Søren Kittehgaard says:
“My standpoint is armed neutrality. Only without the neutrality bit.”

Yesterday we had Phonic Scoupe’s remix of The Chemical Brothers’ newie. Today, let’s have some more from Phonic Scoupe. They are a Lithuanian duo, who specialise in melodic techno. You can see why someone like John Digweed would approve.

What got me into them was a remix they did for DJ MA2’s forthcoming Waiting For You. The originals and the plethora of remixes that accompany this release were all a bit dull, in the way that tech house can be. This remix stood out by taking the original on a techno trip.

Here’s another Phonic Scoupe remix, this time for Of Norway. Their remix of It’s You is tagged as deep house but characterised by their use of space and little inventive touches that give the whole thing a slightly trippy air. Free download.

Finally, here’s another deep house mix but this time for Joris Voorn. It’s the deep bass that makes this remix. Free download.


~ by acidted on July 11, 2015.

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