Teleseme Remix


A track from Steve Cobby’s Everliving LP gets the remix treatment from Jon DaSilva and Jonas Nilsson. Do you have a pound. Great, put it towards a copy of this track.

Did you know that Teleseme is “A system of apparatus for electric signals providing for automatic transmission of a definite number of different signals or calls, as in connection with hotel annunciators.” Well, this remix pushes all the right buttons. Where the original is a gentle ambient wander, the remix walks purposefully off in the direction of the dance floor. Where the original was starry-eyed, the remix is saucer-eyed. Where the original was happy to drift, the remix bounces in an elastic groove.

Of the remix, Steve says “Legendary DJ Jon Dasilva and his Hallo Halo partner Jonas Nilsson turn in a cracking rework of Teleseme from the Everliving LP.  Deep and hypnotic, it retains the spirit of the original but ups the dance-floor ante considerably with an unforgettable b-line and a rump thumping groove.”



~ by acidted on July 13, 2015.

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