Tim Engelhardt


A new hour long mix from Tim Engelhardt. It’s a free download via 8dayCast. I’ve been championing Tim’s melodic techno for a few years new and his work always belies his years – he’s still only 17. This is very Tim. It’s wonderful electronic music, always melodic, rarely threating or aggressive. And at this time of year it meshes beautifully.


Tim Engelhardt > > @soundcloud.com/timengelhardt< <
8daycast Collective > @8day-montreal
8dayFb> www.facebook.com/8daymtl

Hailed as Cologne’s best kept secret, it is now time for Tim Engelhardt to spread his wings.

The last few years saw him working on his music intensively and managing to create a unique and personal trademark that makes his tracks stand out. Coming from a pianist background, it is obvious that harmonies and an expanded melodic structure are standards in his repertoire and the key element to his works.

At just 17, he releases his debut on Steve Bug’s hugely influential Poker Flat imprint with his EP „Everything Is All You Have“ and this is just the beginning of what is to explore for him

+ info about Tim > www.facebook.com/tim.engelhardt.artist

~ by acidted on July 21, 2015.

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  1. Brilliant mix

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