Flosify kitteh meets Revy – Lucid Spark‏


Søren Kittehgaard says:
“When you were called did you answer? Perhaps softly and in a whisper? When I’m called I give a death stare and go back to sleep.”

This is really good to hear.

Revy (Kevin Lind) gives us almost an hour’s worth of unusual, imaginative, techno-based sounds that (finally) bring a fat, happy smile to my face.

The eponymous first track is an effervescent carnival of re-echoing, dreamy synth erupting and rotating over a subdued, tenacious beat. And that’s it. A simple, joyful, spaced out delight.

There’s a big hint of paranoia to ‘Quadrat,’ the gentle kalimba-style sounds undermined by anxious, jittery percussion and a backdrop of synth waves that roll back and forth menacingly. Great music for a bad trip.

The unnerving aspect presents itself again in ‘Float,’ the rapid, edgy, bass beat contrasting well with the crystal clear, sparkling percussion and synth strewn wildly over it. Chilling and beautiful, like being in a cave of icy stalagmites.

The same can be said for ‘Sluglord’ with its frosty atmosphere conjured up by twinkling notes and intense beats, aberrant, eerie noises all seemingly transmitted through the deeper reaches of space.

‘Steptone’ is almost a slowed down extension of ‘Sluglord,’ the beat deeper and more baleful backed by unorthodox, quirky percussion. Again, the ominous waves of long, drawn out synth rise and fall as a preternatural backdrop heralding what may be a less than friendly invasion of aliens.

Finally, Feathericci gives us a satisfying remix of ‘Quadrat’ that maintains the anomalous vibe of the original with its irregular elements but adds a more conventional and ultimately danceable techno beat.

Other worldly, compelling and quite beautiful in its strangeness.

Revy, I want more.

Review by D

~ by acidted on July 25, 2015.

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