I’m a boring middle-aged git, remember?


If you don’t know who Hard Ton is, please do google him. If you’re too lazy to do that, here’s a photo:

Isn’t he lovely? ‘Dimmi Di Si’ (‘Say yes to me’) is a perfect example of Uptempo Gay Dance Music (that’s house, according to Terry Farley, fact fans), best experienced in those dark, sweaty nightclubs full of shirtless men, where you just have to wonder what the are those strange noises coming out of all the closed doors around.Not that I’ve ever been in one of those places, mind. I’m a boring middle-aged git, remember?

Anyway, more info on Soundcloud and if you are on Facebook and have a like to spend Irregular Disco Workers have some fabulous edits to share with you. C’mon guys, I don’t want to open a Facebook account, aren’t there other ways to get them?

Review by Luca.


Here’s something of a surprise: nu-disco veterans Irregular Disco Workers popping up on Otto Kraanen’s Bordello A Parigi imprint. As befits a label dedicated to celebrating Italo-disco, proto-house and synth fetishism, Italofficina is little less than a wholehearted tribute to European and American dance music of the early-to-mid 1980s. They begin with “Dimmi Di Si”, with Hard Ton doing his best Fred Ventura impressions over a breezy Italo groove. “Les Foiles” offers some early Chicago jack, while “Electronic Emotions” expertly joins the dots between chugging Italo and jaunty nu-disco. Finally, “Crisi Mistica” navigates calmer waters, fusing the dreamy melodiousness of deep house with the analogue pulse of Italo.
[Juno.co. uk]

Where else to go for a new slant on Spaghetti Dance than its homeland: Italia! Irregular Disco Workers, Andrea Frittella and Gregorio Assandri, have been delivering their own brand of floor packing neo disco for a number of years. Italofficina sees the duo finally getting the vinyl treatment. Bordello A Parigi alumnus, and fellow countryman, Hard Ton has been drafted in for some extra mirrorball muscle on “Dimmi Di Si”. Expect smiles, tears and shimmying bodies from this love-tinted sherbert-filled romance romp. Lush synth melt and mesh with smooth vocals in this late night outing. Twilight is the time and Irregular Disco Workers are providing the atmosphere. “Les Folies” is soft and nurturing, funk flanked and infectiously grooved. Chocolate covered bass lines, crisp claps with an addictive quality that warrants a health warning. The flip introduces itself with the sun streaked arpeggios of “Electronic Emotions”. Clean shaven the track pulses with energy, gentle builds tumbling into breaks brimming with blissed-out tones. The curtain fall comes with the considered moods of “Crisi Mistica”. Broad bass and steady thump part as a sleek melody is set in motion, bars twirling into a moonlit end. Summer time coming early in the Bordello.


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  1. You did it! You did it!

    Note to myself: next time I’d better have my say about the title of the post.

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