Quivver – Lose Your Way


Digweed’s label Bedrock has had a consistent output over the years but its tendency to aim at melodic tunes has made it too often drift towards trance of generic prog house for my tastes. But every so often it releases something a bit more grounded. Quivver’s Takin Over EP provides such a track.

Lose Your Way is a dark, clubby affair, managing to sit somewhere between Berlin and Ibiza. There’s a trippy heart of darkness to the atmosphere, a bit of cool dub techno echo and some righteous stabs of insistent synth. Loving this one.

Of the other two tracks, Takin Over is also worth a listen. It is more focused on sunnier climes, with its oohs and ahhs and hand-waving synth stabs.

Blurb: John Digweed’s Bedrock label is focused on releasing exceptional, forward-thinking electronic music, constantly working with some of the world’s finest artists, whose musical palettes are intensely inspired and musically diverse. Quivver (aka John Graham) is one such true musical innovator, renowned as being one of the scene’s most essential creators since the early 1990’s. Here, he once again returns to Bedrock with his “Takin’ Over EP”, showcasing three stunning new creations.

“With Takin’ Over I wanted to do something for the summer with a slightly old school flavour. It’s the most melodic track I’ve written in a while and I specifically had Ibiza’s beaches in mind in the studio. I wanted it to be a track that would sound good pre-club, post-club and in a club – so the chord stabs are soft and the acid riffs sparse and echoed so it has a laid back feel and I layered some ambient noise in the background so it sounds a bit like it was recorded live at some outdoor beach club somewhere…” – Quivver

The extraordinarily evocative title track is a truly beautiful musical master-class, with a timeless quality that immediately sets this EP apart from so much of today’s disposable mass music production line. “Lose Your Way” ups the energy levels and darkness factor, its filmic qualities taking things into a very different audio-visual realm. In yet more textural contrast, “Time Goes By” displays a deeply euphoric attitude that is uplifting, intelligent and magical. There can be no doubt that Quivver remains one of the world’s standout electronic artists in 2015.

John Graham (Quivver) started his production career in the early 1990’s, and has been a household name within the electronic music scene ever since, operating under various monikers, each representing a different shade of his incredibly broad, eclectic production palette. Not only a worldwide renowned DJ/Producer, as a vocalist, John has collaborated and written electrifying songs for the likes of Hybrid, Planet Funk and also Darren Emerson’s The Low Highs. His new rock/electronic album “Cold Sun” has also just been released.

~ by acidted on July 31, 2015.

One Response to “Quivver – Lose Your Way”

  1. Kinda thought Mr. Quivver lost his way for a while; however, this is a nice return to form. At first, I wasn’t sure about “Time Go By”, but it wins in the end. Good stuff.

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