Gattogiorno Machiavelli‏


Kitteh Machiavelli dice:

“Non era nulla di grande raggiunta senza pericolo.  O un rapido pisolino.”*
The ominous intent of the Machiavellian kitteh needs a suitable soundtrack. This dark, foreboding dub techno remix from Matthias Springer hit the spot. More than a little paranoid, it creeps around the corridors.  A word here. A word there. Reputations made and loyalty assured. Reputations ruined. Who’s in. Who’s out. Who’s up. Who’s down. With whom are you aligned. With whom should you distance yourself. This download is free. But then again, is anything really free in this world?
*Never was anything great achieved without danger.  Or a quick nap.”

~ by acidted on August 1, 2015.

3 Responses to “Gattogiorno Machiavelli‏”

  1. I’m having that. Thanks Ctel

  2. I’m standing on a beach listening to this tune right now and it does sound perfect. Nice to see an Italian cat philosopher on Acid Ted..

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