Here’s something that isn’t out until September but so grabbed me that I thought I’d post it now. I’ve never heard of STL (Stephan Laubner) but he has his Listen Up! EP out in early September. This is largely experimental music for fans of the leftfield.

The key track for me was Smile Function, a ten minute epic (of which you only get 3 mins). This is electronics mixed with bits of guitar and psychedelic air. The drums are determinedly lo-fi, there’s a bit of twanging guitar, some shakers and a spaced out air. Think a more intimate version of The Chems’ My Private Psychedelic Reel. This loops around and around in a hypnotic state. Lose yourself.

Blurb: Stephan Laubner better known as STL and Lunatik Sound System has quite the reputation in the realms of underground house, techno and experimental music having garnered high praise for a run of 12’s and long players via his Something imprint, Echospace [Detroit] and Zip’s Perlon since 2003. 2014 saw Hamburg’s Smallville Records collate a collection of the material into the ‘At Disconnected Moments’ L.P and here we see Laubner push on with a fresh release for the recently launched Mutual Friend Recordings label out of London.

Kicking things off is ‘Smile Function’ which sees Stephan employ ominous drones, blossoming guitar plucks and raw lo-fi rhythms, amalgamated over ten minutes with Stephan’s signature snaking, dubby and ever-unfolding production style. Following is the ‘Listen Up! Loop’ which as the name would suggest is a hooky one minute bonus delivery of gritty, glitched out Techno.

Opening the flip side is ‘Wrong’ which sees Laubner offer up a smooth and hypnotic number fuelled by multi-layered flittering synth leads, growling bass tones and low-slung bumpy drums. The package is then rounded off with ‘Mind Puzzlin’, closing things on a stripped-back tip with a twisting marimba style synth hook, crunchy drums and subtle bubbling echoes, wrapping up the package perfectly.

STL’s ‘Listen Up!’ EP is out on Mutual Friends Recordings 7th September 2015.


~ by acidted on August 2, 2015.

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