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Gravity may be the weakest of the four fundamental interactions of nature. But Source of Gravity is a record label that’s 15 years strong. And there’s a comp to celebrate that. This involves a couple of remixes from Slighter, one in his Slighter guise and the other as Colin C.

As Colin C he takes on Steve McGrath’s Burning For You. This is a clubby, technoish remix, with a great groove. Very, very clubbable. It’s the bass line that drives this forward. As Slighter, he reverts to his breaks heartland, demonstrating his flair for the noir in a remix of Hostile Ground for Sterio and Steve McGrath.

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This compilation features 15 new remixes of classic Source of Gravity material, as part of 15 years of the Source of Gravity project. This summer there will be 15 events, releases and broadcasts to celebrate 15 years in the global electronic scene for the Source.

▼ Tracklist:
1. Meizon – Aeon ( House Remix)
2. Orchid – Eastern Echoes (Section 75 Remix)
3. Steve McGrath – Burning For You (Colin C Remix)
4. Thee-O & Miss Blenna – Breathe You In ( Remix)
5. Section 75 – Red Tab (Section 75’s Source 15 Remix)
6. Sterio & McGrath – Gulfcoast ( Remix)
7. Tim Mills – The Muse ( Remix)
8. Jairus Miller – Danny Is A Quasar (‘s Source 15 Remix)
9. Section 75 feat. Penny – Locked Heart ( Remix)
10. Mario & Eric J – Characters Part One ( Remix)
11. Sterio & McGrath – The Sound ( Remix)
12. Jairus Miller – Sugarland (‘s Source 15 Remix)
13. Sterio & McGrath – Hostile Ground ( Remix)
14. Jairus Miller – Peekaboo (‘s Source 15 Remix)
15. Sterio & McClellan – Langness ( Remix)

~ by acidted on August 7, 2015.

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