Back on the sunny side of the street


Another house tune I truly love, and another example of what I think is perfect for listening to during the summer holidays.

Gianni Bini, firstly with Fulvio Perniola as Fathers Of Sound and then with Paolo Martini, produced some of the best house music ever to come out from Italy, peaking ‘round the turn of the millennium when every Ocean Trax (his record label) release was a sure fire quality tune and a obvious hit. Then he kind of slipped off my radar. A few weeks ago I happened to read an interview he gave to, in my opinion the best Italian dance music website right now, and I found out that the reason for his prolonged inactivity was that a few years ago he started having panic attacks to the effect that he became no more able to even get out of his house.

Thankfully with the help of some psychotherapy he’s now well and back into the production fold, and it’s a nice thing to read some good news now and again. Oh, and if you happen to visit his Soundcloud page there’s a rather fine #freedownload track waiting for you.

I won’t offend your musical knowledge by mentioning the source of the vocal sample used on this track. Let’s just say that very rarely a house tune has been sunnier. A true classic.

Review by Luca


~ by acidted on August 9, 2015.

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