A past future classic


I was wrong. The Big Evil Heat is back, but I have my trusty portable ventilator with me. Sorted. This one was on ‘State of Independents Vol 2’, the covermount CD of the first copy of ‘Muzik’ that I ever bought: if memory serves me right, that comp’s raison d’etre was to present a random bunch of tunes which were supposed to breakthough quite soon. The first track was the abominable ‘9pm (Till I Come)’ by ATB; thankfully the others were substantially better.

Another summery tune, as you may have noticed. Wipe that sand off your sandals before getting in, please.

Review by Luca.

It’s also the first track on this Mix (shame about the Maria Carey tune in the middle, mind)


~ by acidted on August 12, 2015.

2 Responses to “A past future classic”

  1. David Morales’s mix of Maria Carey’s Dreamlover is a bonafide house classic!! It was put on the mix in the true spirit of what I am trying to achieve with my History of Everything series..electronic music without labels and genres..the way house music was intended in the early days!!

  2. Great tune, great magazine. And I believe that CD is the only digital source for the original version of “Seaside Atmosphere.” Stay cool, Ted.

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