Moar Kittehgaard – Sunchase‏


Søren Kittehgaard says:

When the first self submits to the deeper self, they are reconciled and walk on together. I’ve got nine lives. Think how crowded that gets.” blancospaces

That depth of thought needs some music that can offer an equal depth. Here’s Mako providing a redub of Sunchase’s Nathnennia. This a slow-moving track, with a treacle-like quality to the swirling, eddying current of sound. Can I borrow your imagination, indeed.

Blurb: UM018 is diverse but retains the Utopian ethic which we have come to love, tight production, at home on the radio or dancefloor, and the largest bass weight.  U87 brings about Utopia’s first foray into minimal half time. Woody percussion and an impeccable groove accented with jazz licks, it brings all of the producers talents to the table.

Merkava brings artist ‘Coerce’ his first solo release, showing Utopia aren’t as elitist as some may think. Think D Bridge getting into the studio with Mako and you are not far from the truth with this one.  PLK is a producer based over in Israel who works in the TV industry. ‘Dreamware’ was a tune championed by Mako a long time ago on the first ever Utopia podcast and finally sees the light of day. You can hear the Photek and Teebee inspirations on this, whilst containing an original element too.

And finally, label boss Mako, in-between doing an album for Metalheadz and his own studio work, has time to remix Sunchase’s ‘Nathnennia’. Bass heavy, and ever so juicy, this dusty heroin tipped remix has been widely received across the electronic scene

~ by acidted on August 22, 2015.

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