Delicate Droids – Orgasm Raygun


Here’s something new from Mr C’s Superfreq label. More to the techno end of their releases.

I do admire Mr C for resurrecting his career from the debris of The Shamen and for delivering The End. But his label releases have tended to be more on the tech house end of things and to be aimed primarily at a club environment. That has often meant that they sound lifeless in the cold light of my kitchen. This release is more in the techno vein and just about survives the kitchen sunshine, albeit that the tracks have a repetitive hypnotic quality to their robot techno sound. The machine funk of Bad King Cold is the pick of this tightly contested four tracker.

Blurb: The next offering from the forward-thinking Superfreq label is the Orgasm Raygun EP from Delicate Droids, a newly formed duo of Richard D Ruttenberg and Peter Dutch. The EP supplies 4 truly mind-blowing tracks that are all ideal for an unique peak time play late into the night.

Richard is a classically trained jazz musician with credentials from Berklee College of Music, is a professional sound score writer, and part of RiZe who’s breathtaking Four Beats & Some Sweets album was released on Superfreq. Peter Dutch AKA Dutchie, is an extremely talented DJ from Colchester in Essex UK, who’s been spinning cutting edge house, tech house and techno since the late 80s. Dutchie owns and produces on his own imprint Right Nut Records and has also released on several UK tech house labels. Together they’ve pushed each other into the next dimension of the multiverse to with their incredible Orgasm Raygun EP, which is out now on Superfreq.



~ by acidted on September 6, 2015.

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