Tim Techlor – TechTool01


Debut release from Tim Techlor on Natchwandler Records demonstrates deep tech house grooves. Tim has come from nowhere to bestow two slices of tech house groove goodness on you. Perfect for that 3am locked into a groove feeling.

Ambulance is deeper than deep piece of tech house, with that Berlin minimal cool thing going on, until it blows it up with a bit of flashing New York electro squeals. The second half of the track nails a groove down that references all the best grooves of a lost 90s techno club.

More Power is a proper DJ tool. Full of intricate percussive loops and beats. This track is comfortable adding elements because you like it like that. And it’s equally comfortable taking them away again, stripping back to the essence of the 3am club experience.

I think we’re going to be hearing more from Tim Techlors.

Blurb: Die ersten Töne eines melodisch vorwärts treibenden Tech-House Sounds erreichen den Gehörgang. Schlagartige Reaktion – Alarm im gesamten Körper, absoluter Ausnahmezustand: TANZEN! Den Sound fühlen und genießen. Tim Techlor hat mit der TechTool01 sein erstes Release auf Nachtwandler Records und schenkt uns damit 2 Tracks für Herz und Seele, mit denen wir durch den Sommer tanzen!


~ by acidted on September 8, 2015.

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