Colin Faver – an appreciation


Do you remember cassettes? The plastic, oblong things that would go in your beatbox or walkman? Every so often the muddy brown tape would get all chewed up and you’d have to spend an hour unravelling it to try and retrieve whatever was on it. This entailed some delicate manipulation of the scrunched up tape, smoothing it out of its compressed accordion-like state and then using a pencil to push through one of the holes to rewind the tape back on to the spool. Sometimes it was impossible though, beyond repair, and it would have to be ditched and a new one purchased.

There were some tapes, however, that could not be abandoned and, if disaster struck, I would spend an age hunched over, swearing furiously, fiddling with ribbons of mashed up tape, desperately trying to save the precious material contained within. These were my Faver and Dale tapes.

From 1991 to around ’95-’96, Colin Favor presented a three hour show once a week on Kiss FM. From something like 10 or 11pm, listeners were treated to a sublime cornucopia of techno and dance that was, quite simply, manna from heaven. The softly spoken DJ featured all the latest techno in addition to interviewing a host of artists from Kraftwerk to Derrick May, Aphex Twin to Hardfloor. He invited listeners to send in their own tapes and only asked that the quality was reasonable enough to play.

Such was the high standard of the music that, along with the equally excellent Colin Dale who presented his weekly Abstract Dance session, I would faithfully tape the shows (on silent, so as not to piss off my mum) with the aforementioned cassettes, often falling asleep, only to come awake with a jolt as the tape clicked to an end (after 45 minutes) and I then frantically scrabbled around in the darkness to turn it over and begin recording again. Listening to them the following day was always a guaranteed pleasure and they were the perfect soundtrack as you prepared to go out clubbing for the night. There was no one else on the radio at that time, in my opinion, that even came close to Favor and Dale for the quality of sounds.

By the mid ’90’s I had a stack of Kiss tapes but inevitably and sadly they’re now long gone through carelessness, damage or ‘borrowed’ and never returned. You can still hear some of the shows, though, that people have uploaded on You Tube and listening to them now, they still sound great. I do miss them.

Colin Faver died last week. He was 63.

Text by D

Tim Deluxe says:

I’ve been going through some old cassette tapes and transferring them to mp3’s.
I found this one from late 1992/early 93 time. Not quite sure all tracks are from that time. I was age 15! lol

It was a 30min mix I sent into Colin Faver for his Kiss FM show.
He used to play guest mixes from up and coming bedroom DJ’s.
That week he played mine : ) Enjoy!


~ by acidted on September 15, 2015.

One Response to “Colin Faver – an appreciation”

  1. Lovely tribute to both Colin Faver and the cassette.

    The Telegraph’s obit is quite nice:

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