Slighter Beyond Deluxe


Here’s a thing. A free download of Slighter’s B E Y O N D album, with the extra continuous mix. The is an album of cinematic electronic intent. Released at the start of this year, Slighter has now offered 1,000 free downloads.

If you’re unsure, here’s my January review:

If you know Slighter’s work you’ll most probably associate it with breaks or drum and bass. There’s been the uncomfortable ambient of Visitor Seven but that’s largely as far as his more reflective stuff has gone. All change for his new release – B E Y O N D – which is a soundtrack to an imaginary film.

And what brought this about? Slighter (Colin Cameron Allrich) explains, “…over the past two years I began quietly writing these pieces in my spare time, and finally finished it up this past Fall. So I’m just releasing it as a means to an end. I don’t expect everyone who likes my Slighter work to “get it”.” We will see but I wouldn’t be so sure. His work has appeared often enough on TV soundtracks for this to be a natural move. This album is dark ambient in the main. This isn’t a soundtrack to a comedy film or something with a happy ending.

The mood is dark, edgy and (in)tense. A pastel array of darkly painted shades, of shifting moods and nerves. Slighter says “I’m heavily inspired by Clint Mansell, from Pi to The Fountain, as well as John Murphy and Underworld’s Sunshine score.” You can hear the early scores by Clint Mansell here (especially Pi). The B E Y O N D continuous mix works especially well, welding the different tracks into something more coherent and whole. Probably best experienced after a double espresso, when the caffeine’s really kicking in and you get the full adrenalin flight or fight response.



~ by acidted on September 21, 2015.

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