The Black Dog is back

Late night corridor

No wonder the storm trooper is hiding in late night corridors. The black dog is back with idm techno dark enough to give the hardest heart the jitters. Available to pre-order via bandcamp.

Commodification (Ambivalent Remix) is a truly dystopian start, full of neo-ambient paranoia. Thankfully the Goldfinch remix of Hollow Story Hollow Head offers us a little light, before lowering the curtain again and plunging us back into the twilight. Neither/Neither (Application Remix) keeps the mood dark but almost overture orchestral. The same tune gets a Twice Bitten By The Black Dog remix which ups the pace and doubles the distortion. The EP closes with B.O.O.K.S War and Peace Version which allows itself to be properly ambient and just a little bit soothing. A bit of something for everyone and nary a weak track to be found.

~ by acidted on September 25, 2015.

One Response to “The Black Dog is back”

  1. Duly ordered

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