Flash Atkins – Forbidden Flesh (Steve Cobby mix)

Money can't buy me love

A new remix from Steve Cobby for Flash Atkins on Paper Recordings. A surprisingly techy vocal track with more dance floor oomph than normally associated with Mr Cobby. This has echoes of sophisticated vocal house groovers of the 90s.

The vinyl version of this comes with a fanzine telling the story of Flash. And the blurb below contains a wonderfully mixed baseball/darts metaphor.

Blurb: Flash Atkins hits hard with the second 12″ to be taken from his critically acclaimed “The Life and Times” album on Paper Recordings.  This time he pulls in three of the world’s best producers of underground future disco and all of them step up to the plate to score a bull’s-eye with their first throw.

First up The Emperor Machine has taken Summer of Love to analogue heaven with arps, heavily treated vocals, electro bass and wacked out beats.  The track’s stripped back dynamics keep changing as it’s deep drug chug rocks out for over 10 sublime proto-disco minutes.

Man of the moment Fila Brazilia’s Steve Cobby is enjoying a renaissance after two albums that have ruled 2014 / 15.  On Forbidden Flesh he takes Crazy P’s Danielle Moore’s vocals and lays them over a soulful techy track that will fit any after dark occasion with devastating results.  And it’s got loads of cowbell.

After the veterans it’s time for a young gun to nail his colours to the mast.  Iceland’s B.G.Baarregaard has been one to watch and his blend of good time disco has been lining him up as Todd Terje’s heir apparent.  This remix is peak-time nu-disco that wears it’s musicality lightly and sacrifices nothing for sheer playability.

Overall, a 12” that takes the Flash Atkins originals and breathes new life in to them for three cuts that will smash anything they’re thrown at.

It comes with a limited edition fanzine telling the story of Flash from birth to now in certain record shops.


~ by acidted on October 12, 2015.

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