Villette – Fall


Villette is back with a beautiful new piece of melancholic electronica, Fall. Lush as ever with Villette but also offering a sadness and wistfulness that we don’t often get. Gorgeous.


“The inspiration for “Fall “came from the melancholia of one of my favourite producers Christian Löffler’s moody and mellow electronica,” says Villette. “I was in a dark place while writing it and wanted the song to emulate my mood. I tried to capture the sound of a rainy fall, which is basically the soundtrack of London and used a lot of organic sounds to create an atmosphere.”

Villette seems to make things happen wherever she goes. The techno and house producer initially made a name for herself as part of DJ duo Dancing Birds Feel Beat, as well as hosting her own show on local rock station Radio Eksen. Yet the turn-of-the-decade indie staples that placed her at the heart of her hometown were never likely to hold her interest for long – a subsequent move to London and a creative re-imagining of herself, crystalised on Crossed Wires, feels like a re-alignment, or perhaps an unearthing of something that was always there deep within her.

Crossed Wires is the result of a cross-continental move that’s seen Buyuka’s own music hardened by the enduring influence of the likes of traditional techno powerhouse cities like Cologne and Berlin; yet it’s no surprise that it was a remix of John Talabot’s “Without You” – the original included on his 2013 DJ Kicks compilation – that began piquing the ears of bloggers this side of Europe. As Villette she’s gone on to support Talabot – as well as Jan Blomqvist and The xx, among others – and she seems to share a desire to break her production’s more glacial plains with a sense of euphoria.

~ by acidted on October 25, 2015.

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