New Familiar Ghosts by Slighter (exclusive track)

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Electronic artist Slighter has a new album out on 13 November but we have an exclusive track for you to hear now. And we’ve got a preview of the album to whet your appetite. Go pre-order now.

It’s been a little while since Slighter’s Science of Noise album in 2014, albeit that the more soundtrack B E Y ON D album filled that gap. It’s therefore a pleasure to have a new electronic album from Slighter in the form of New Familiar Ghosts. A feature of the last couple of albums has been a collaborative track with his other half, Rachel Desilets (check out the astonishing Our Own End). This does seem to bring out the best in both of them.

And it’s no different this time – only you don’t have to look for it since it opens the album. The track, exclusive to Acid Ted, is Static Decay, with its soft and gentle opening and the evocative “ash falls like snow” opening line. THis ambient electronic track reeks of lost love and yearning. Beautifully sad.

If Science of Noise was electronica, the remainder of this album feels more based around liquid drum and bass. Albeit that there are only three properly dnb tracks. One of those, The Water Prayer, follows. A vocal from Nica Brooke gives this a lightness of touch. Overcast, which follows isn’t dnb but has an air of glitch IDM that maintains the mood of both yearning and an unsettled quality.

Fall Away ft Sarah Whittaker-Gilbey returns to the vocals, with a strong IDM vocal approach. Very danceable but slightly marred by an air of vocal cliché “spread our wings”. Memory Leak drifts away from the dance floor to darker, more contemplative corners with an unsettled ambient track. Really like the evocative nature of this one.

So Cruel ft Orianna Herrman comes with a brittle vocal of pain and endured cruelty. The unyielding ambient sounds only add to that mood. Fundamental is one of those IDM breaks tracks that Slighter does so well. He offers a balance between the jittery-almost dnb sounds and the softer synths. Very cyber apocalypse.

Cut My Hands ft Samuel D offers a yearning ambient track that suddenly changes pace into an almost industrial track of astonishing ferocity. Slighter and Wolftek combine on Diabolic to produce something full of atmosphere and claustrophobia. The final track is No Truth (with Andrew Swarbrick). A triumphant ending, full of soaring keys.

The Bandcamp deluxe edition comes with instrumental versions of Static Decay, The Water Prayer, Fall Away, So Cruel and Cut My Hands.

As ever with Slighter, this album is carefully put together to work as a whole, from the gentle start of Static Decay to the measured triumph of No Truth. There’s a tension running across the album between the melancholic and pained emotion in the vocals and the almost-uncaring machine music. This isn’t an album of bangers but is one to enjoy time after time.

Album preview




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