Beatsofreen – Full Circle

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Beatsofreen is a Dutch artist, who appeared here back in the spring. He’s back with his new album, Full Circle. This is full of weird but deep electronica. A field trip through the ‘other’ of the mind.

Opener, Morning Dawn, sets the scene with off-kilter voices, found sound and even a little theramin. And we love a bit of theramin. The album encompasses all manner of instruments whose sounds have been bent out of shape. Twisted flutes, broken strings, off-key piano, squashed harp. All with a turntabulist, experimental electronica sensibility.

Wah Doo gives us slow hip hop beats, whilst Frozen Thoughts puts soulful funk through the blender. And a bit more flute. In Limbo offers an interlude of static, found sound and snatches of instrumentation. Hello Friend returns to an almost conventional construction, with some lovely folktronica. Deep Pressure offers treacly jazz hip hop and a bit of smoky trumpet.

Slowly Rising is the nearest the album has to a ‘single’. Amidst crackles and static hiss, a lovelorn melody swells and fades. Waiting Wishes drifts dangerously close to the dance floor. Chaos Theory’s maniacal laugh stops any such thoughts. Empty Memories combines harp, piano and a little tinkling bells into a neo-classical dream.

Sorrow is the most conventionally beautiful track here. Some strummed guitar and a lot of exquisite sadness. Star Wisdom drifts in open space with some beats and a woozy organ. The album closes with Leave It All Behind, which gently offers strings, drum sticks and lo-ing voices to offer your mind a soft landing.

Blurb: Full Circle has been four years in the making… a mosaic of beats, synths, jazz & classical soundscapes, combined with field recordings and plenty of his own instrumentation, such as piano, guitar, harp, flute, percussion, claps, and his voice. He was inspired by the sounds of the city as well as by nature, crafting it all as a seamless whole, and we here at King Deluxe are very pleased to share this new album from Dutch musician Bastiaan van der Vlist, aka Beatsofreen.

This follows on the heels of his acclaimed Dimensions EP, out on Darker Than Wax earlier in 2015, for whom he has another in the works. Also look out for his alter ego Stan Forebee.

~ by acidted on November 15, 2015.

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