J P Soul – From Within


It’s funny how the lead track isn’t always the best. That’s the case with this three track EP from J P Soul. From Within is an 80s Italo Synth track that doesn’t convince. But the other two tracks are rather fine. Imkindofgoingthroughitnow might have a maudlin title but the synths are of the reach for the sky variety and leave you with a smile on your face. Invisible Fences is a bit darker. And we like dark on this blog. This locks itself in its room, won’t come down for dinner, and sets a head nodding groove off into the night. This is out on 3 December.

Blurb: JP Soul has unveiled three heartfelt songs from the San Francisco underground, comprising the From Within EP for Roam Recordings. After a successful slew of singles, collaborations with Anthony Mansfield, and tracks remixed by the likes of Wolf+Lamb, The Revenge, and Sleazy McQueen, JP Soul bounds forth with a release that’s 100% on the solo tip. Snaking synth melodies and Italo-influenced textures abound, as these cuts hypnotize through their trippy sonic motions. “From Within” and its dreamy soundscape, the multi-genre blend of “I’mkindagoingthroughitrightnow”, and “Invisible Fences” with live drums from JP augmenting its psychedelic romp … these tracks flow like neon fluid from living circuitboards onto the dance floor. Tune in and trip out.JP Soul’s From Within EP will be released on vinyl 12″ and digital download.

~ by acidted on November 29, 2015.

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  1. […] almost six months since we had something from JP Soul but he’s a new EP out. Lead track, Gone Is The Time, is a groovy, bassy affair. It revolves […]

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