Coco Steel & Lovebomb – The Chillout Album Remixed


This morning, grey clouds scud across the sky and the remnants of storm Desmond whip frantic shapes from the trees. An odd time to review something that’s about the warm calm of a balmy summer’s day. But here we are with Coco Steel & Lovebomb – The Chillout Album Remixed. This album is highly recommended, with the remixers adding something to the original’s charm and sometimes exceeding it.

This album is a follow up to 2014’s The Chillout album (reviewed here), of which I said “It slides along with the beautiful haze of the semi-stoned in the sunshine.” This album offers those tracks to a selection of remixers who include Mixmaster Morris, Mark Archer, Seahawks, DF Tram, Wonderfulsound, Antikue, Janek Murd, Carlos Cervilla, Steen Thottrup and Liston.

The album opens with Hey There Look At You, Unravelling remixed by Mixmaster Morris Vs Chris Coco. That’s somehow the right thing to do, given Mixmaster Morris’ role in early 90s ambient as Irresistible Force. This is a beatless affair that ripples along. Mark Archer follows with some broken beats for Ice Cream We All Scream.

Seahawks Exploding Cosmic Inevitable takes on Ice Cream Suite with a maracas and rim shot dub that becomes a thing of twisted drone beauty. At 17 minutes, this is the real centrepiece and highlight of the album. Janek Murd offers Queueing For Shangri-La with a Surprisingly Level Head a remix of acoustic loveliness and space. Another highlight.

DF Tram takes the NASA samples into a chilled version of You Parked Your Car in the Spaceport. Carlos Cervilla returns to Ice Cream We All Scream For with a beach sunset version of the track. All soft pads and whooshes. Wonderfulsound gives Hey There Look At You, Unravelling the full folktronica treatment. This blends beautifully into What Is This Stuff, Blue Grass? which is another Janek Murd production.

Steen Thottrup offers You Parked Your Car in the Spaceport a lie-down-and-watch-the-stars experience. Steel guitar offering glimpses of loveliness. The album closes with Liston’s take on Ice Cream We All Scream For. An odd way to end perhaps, since this has the most conventional beats of all the remixes. And that makes it jar ever so slightly with what is otherwise a lovely album. Dare I say, taken together it’s better than the original from which it’s drawn, if not quite the consistent experience that the original offered.

~ by acidted on December 7, 2015.

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