Zero Call – Soft Power


Three years after featuring an EP three years ago it looks like Zero Call have finally got round to an album.  Soft Power is its name. It’s all about Italo synths but starts off with a couple of soft vocal tracks that made me think ‘oh dear’. Discard Truth and Every Shape and start with Enigma. Treat that track as an overture to the remainder of the album. If that’s overblown, think of it as setting you up for the glory of the sample heavy Regime Change. This takes Peter Finch’s speech about being Mad As Hell and gives it the 80s synth backdrop it deserves.

From then on the album offers a variety of darkwave synth work in resplendent shades of black, grey and purple. Italo synth artistry at its best.


~ by acidted on December 14, 2015.

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