Tracks of the year: LPs


And so to the final post of the year. There were some good albums this year. But when all is said and done, there was only one winner.

An album re-released this year would have got into any year’s reckoning. That was Hardkiss’ majestic Delusions of Grandeur. Originally released in the 90s, this classic west coast techno is a must for anyone who claims to like dance music. But since it was only a re-release it doesn’t figure in my list.

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Runner up in my LP of the year is this morning’s singles king, Mono Life, with his album Phrenology. Being such a fan boy, there wasn’t a proper review but I did say “The album’s really ace. Full of leftfield electronica with and acid and indie background. And the tracks hang together as an album.”

Lastly, my album of the year. And there really only was one choice, Steve Cobby’s superb Everliving.

There was an alternative option in Steve’s Revolutions for the Hull Truck Company. This though was based on stuff recorded but never released in the 90s. An excellent album (review here), which runs Everliving awful close, but, again, doesn’t quite fit the classification of new albums.

Outclassing Steve’s 2014 album Saudade, this has been on my deck or nearby for much of the year. There’s a full review here. But in summary I said “If you have any soul, any love of beauty and any regard for music that doesn’t want to be a ‘banger’ then you need this album. It’s gorgeous.” Thanks for this album Steve.

~ by acidted on December 31, 2015.

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