Foals – Give it All remixes


Foals eh. The wife tells me that she likes what she’s heard. I’ve read more than I’ve heard and never been tempted to look for more. But a remix package containing Lindstrom and Clint Mansell can’t be ignored.

The Lindstrom remix is a joy wherein the original track gets a lovely euphoric nu disco remix with more positivity than suite full of marketing executives. There’s a Bondax remix but that need not detain us. Moving swiftly on to the Clint Mansell one, this is billed as Foals vs Clint Mansell. And rightly so. There’s not an awful lot of Foals left – no bad thing I’m tempted to say. What remains is a stately neo-classical dreamscape, full of reverie and reverence. A few whoo whoos to disrupt the peace but otherwise all is inner calm. Superb.

Blurb: Available from iTunes and Spotify now.

The package features new mixes courtesy of Norway’s contemporary disco pioneer Lindstrom, genre-blending duo Bondax and film score extraordinaire Clint Mansell.

The iTunes package includes a Poolside Sessions video of ‘Give It All’ which was filmed in the grounds of Studios La Fabrique in the south of France.

~ by acidted on January 13, 2016.

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