Jean Paul Catre dit….

Caturday catre

Jean Paul Catre dit…. “The aim of language…is to communicate…to impart to others the results one has obtained…As I talk, I reveal the situation…I reveal it to myself and to others in order to change it. Peek a boo!’

Dunno what this Asian Pony EP has to do with horses but what Daniel Gorziza is offering is cool techno.

Overdub is a fabulous track. Taking its time to unfold, this offers some dub techno in the mix to provide a great piece of home techno. There’s just a touch of reserve going on here that add, rather than subtracts, from the track. Asian Pony offers more by way of broken beat styling and a woozy sense of warpedness. Despite that it doesn’t quite touch the heights of Overdub. The final track is Something to Do which made me want to do the washing up. It doesn’t engage until 1:30 and that’s too long to wait.

Blurb: Asian Pony

Easily, this Asian Pony is galloping across the dance floor. Driven by light-footed beats and groovy accents, it is floating through the night. Wherever it goes, it fills the room with enthusiasm and energy. That’s what we call RELAX2000.
Each of the three new tracks by Daniel Gorziza “Overdub”, “Asian Pony” and “Something to do” follows this dynamic mood. Even though every single one has got its own twist, all of them carry a strong drive that is inevitably going on and on. So don’t be surprised if this Asian Pony is still riding inside your head after the beat has stopped.

Daniel Gorziza
Listening to techno was not enough. Shortly after discovering his passion for electronic music, Daniel Gorziza started to actively pursue his new devotion by playing in small clubs. Soon, also this was not enough. In 2012, he began to release as a solo techno artist on labels such as Snork Enterprises and Stereo Seven. Since then, everything has been taking its successful course, as he was for example able to license his track “drop that” on the English label Bedrock Music by John Digweed.
As a producer as well as a DJ, he on purpose does not want to attribute any electronic styles to his music. He believes that this is the best way to let creativity truly flow – a statement that RELAX 2000 only can endorse!


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