Lights Out from Slighter


Here’s a real shame. The last track from Slighter. He’s decided to put the Slighter name away and leaves us with the aptly-named Lights Out. It’s an industrial electronic noise fest, full of broken glass and building rubble. There’s a vocal from Craig Joseph Huxtable of Ohm which left me cold. The instrumental is better. It comes with a remix from Cyanotic which has that dark electronic sound and a rippling bass reminiscent of early 90s Orbital. Think Choice.

Slighter’s had a great 10 year run. I’ve loved the albums and the collaborations with Rachel have been among my favourite tracks of the last decade. He says “Ten years doing it felt like enough. I’ve been working on new ideas and planning on going new places in 2016…” I’m going to keep looking out for it whilst looking wistfully back to the past. Age allows me that privilege.

~ by acidted on January 23, 2016.

4 Responses to “Lights Out from Slighter”

  1. Wot no flosifee kitteh? And don’t u be complaining about supplier issues.

  2. I’ve lost touch with Slighter a bit but it’s a shame he’s giving it up.

  3. Wut no flosifee kitteh? An don’t you be blaming late supplyerz

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