The Library of Babel


Spiritual pop. What does that mean to you? Saccharine occurs to me. Trite might be another word. That’s the description applied to The Library of Babel’s new album Cracked Mud. It’s no such thing. At least not in my book. Broken electronics gently vie with Mississippi acoustic guitar to bring spiritual only in the sense of quiet reverence of sound.

Out in February.

blurb: Unconscious gasps of breath. Finger skin sliding on metal strings. An acoustic guitar is flanked by cello and double bass in a relationship that at times feels almost parental – the two bigger instruments keeping a watchful eye over the junior one as it gambols ahead, constantly investigating and testing.

This is a very special release. If what this label has relished in before is pairing occult, abstract instances of sound to partly-erased images and letting the spectator simply make of it what it wishes, a new strategy for Blue Tapes might be to try and apply that lovingly rendered abstraction to music – things people might actually want to hear. Records, some people call ‘em.


~ by acidted on January 24, 2016.

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