Underworld – I Exhale


New Underworld is not to be sniffed at. The debut single from new album Barbara Barbara. It’s not out until March but here’s a stream.

Really want this to be brilliant. Not sure it is. There are the Karl Hyde cut up vocals going on about “corrugated rhythms”. But he sounds a bit like a slowed up Mark E Smith if I’m honest. The tune is bassy and thunderous. But perhaps also a little ponderous. Will still want to listen to the album but do I expect too much?

Blurb: Underworld’s seventh album – Barbara Barbara, we face a shining future – is released on March 18th and is available to pre-order here http://underworld.tmstor.es The album’s seven tracks are fleet-footed, raw and spontaneous – a direct result of a strict working process in the studio that saw the band (Rick Smith and Karl Hyde) write entirely new music each time they met. That process has helped produce an album that easily stands alongside the recently reissued classics dubnobasswithmyheadman and Second Toughest In The Infants.

~ by acidted on January 25, 2016.

3 Responses to “Underworld – I Exhale”

  1. ‘..a bit like a slowed up Mark E Smith’. Ouch. Coming from you..

  2. Certainly not what I would expect of an Underworld song (based on the little that I know). And it will kill you that it is so eerily reminiscent of The Fall….

    I like it. And no doubt that’s the kiss of death as far as dance fans are concerned.

  3. First listen- I like it. I get the MES reference. Sounds like a spontaneous song (as they say in the blurb).

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