The Untouchables & Resound – Separate Reality EP


Some new drum and bass on Translation recordings. This is heavy, austere stuff, with the emphasis on the bass and a tribal attitude.

Separate Reality booms along, with a dark, dark stance. Mystic Arts is less a dancehall track than a sonic immersion. Devoured of World delivers on its titular promise through extensive sub-bass styling.

The Beast completes the quartet, with more dystopian sounds and more dark bass. The Bandcamp version comes with an extra track, City of Thieves. This remains dark but the hint of dub offers a lift otherwise absent from the rest of the EP.

If you want darkness, listen. If you want light and shade, move along.

Blurb: The Untouchables and Resound join forces for a soundclash of gargantuan proportions on the Separate Reality EP. Known for their heavyweight tribal sound, the trio jump into action with title-track Separate Reality, a maelstrom of thumping kicks, distorted bass, and swirling atmospherics. Switching into more experimental territory, Mystic Arts is a hypnotic concoction of stumbling drums, flanged-bass, and eerie dubwise reverberations.
On the flip, The Untouchables resume the journey with Devourer of World, the sonic-equivalent of a black hole, ravenously consuming everything in its path with sub bass from deep space. The Beast is a behemoth of a track, opening with a subtle percussive rattle that drops with the force of a magnitude 10.0 earthquake to bring things to a close.

Bandcamp version features bonus digital track, City of Thieves, available for immediate download with pre-orders.

~ by acidted on January 28, 2016.

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