It’s too early. Much too early, this morning. Need something chilled to accompany the coffee. Here’s DF Tram with a remix of Secret Artist’s Seashells. I was kinda hoping this would be a remix of a 90s classic chilled track from Skylab. It isn’t. But it is rather nice. A drugged, dubbed bass line carries this along with various drug-referencing samples and an uplifting vocal that manages not to annoy. The only irritation is that this isn’t available for download.

Here’s that Skylab tune

Blurb: DF Tram is an enigmatic dj and producer from San Francisco who is highly regarded in the North American underground electronic music scene .Known for his unique style of mixing and producing ,his chill dj sets are second to none as far as innovation is concerned. When not behind the decks DF Tram is busy creating beautiful and thought-provoking music with projects like The Sound Capsule, Jump/Cut and also as a member of The Ambi-Sonic Collective .You can catch his weird and wonderful sound at one of his regular gigs in the bay area or in clubs and festivals around the world. DF Tram has played at some of the best electronic music venues in the world such as “the big chill” festival (uk) ,”Niceto” in (buenos aires, argentina),”chillits” (sf) and much more. DF Tram was also nominated for a dj award in the downtempo/eclectic category at the ibiza dj awards 2008. 2013 saw DF Tram being the dj support for the orb, on their 25th anniversary tour. mixing/remixing/bookings:

~ by acidted on February 2, 2016.


  1. I loved that Skylab song back then. Have dug out the album to listen to again. It’s been a while since I listened to any Howie B or the like

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