Peet – Watermelon stories EP


Hungarian slow, melodic techno released on South American label, Mater. Truly the sound of global dance. And right good it is too.

Do you have kids? If you do, did you like me mentally say Mater like in the Cars movie? No. Oh. Whatever. In that case let’s start with the third track on the EP. The Other Side Stand Of The Giant Marble is the key thing here. A dubbish electronica. A slomo techno tune full of rippling synths. Perfect for home listening. There’s also a remix of the track from Diego Tuñon & Jimmy Van M. This keeps that slomo feel but adds a harder, more danceable edge. The bass comes to the fore in a dark, slightly foreboding way.

Blurb: Mater and Xperimental are two distinctive new record labels/music platforms at the heart of an evolving creative concept headed by Diego Tuñón (the Grammy Award winning producer & keyboardist from Argentina’s Babasónicos, one of the Top 5 rock bands from Mexico down through Central and South America) and Jimmy Van M (renowned global DJ/Producer, electronic music craftsman & creator of the Sasha and John Digweed Delta Heavy Tour, with over 20 years experience).

Mater will launch with Peet’s Watermelon Stories EP (MTR001) which features powerful, melodic techno, alongside slo-mo experimental electronica with fantastic filmic qualities, and a mind-meltingly, delicious 111bpm remix. All tracks exhibit the boundless creative freedom at the heart of the Mater ethos.


~ by acidted on February 9, 2016.

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