Feathericci – Cloudy


Mesa recordings produce some of the more interesting downtempo US sounds and Feathericci is no exception.

I find this kinda hard to describe sonically. It more exists in moods and colours. This is a hazy sunrise, redolent of huge skies and fluffy clouds. Somewhere between cyan and sandstone. Downtempo psychedelia that combines epic and introvert.

Blurb: Feathericci, SZA GEOW! KAPOW! KAPOW! A diverse array of four-on-the-floor moods packaged in a triplet of tracks ranging from mellow and melancholic to foot-stomping and soaring.

The EP begins with ‘Mushdoum’, a mid-tempo churner that grows like a fungus; repetitive patterns are slow to spread at the onset and then all of a sudden, random and sporadic shapes begin to emerge. The title of the title track ‘SZA GEOW’ (pronounced: sza geow) is onomatopoetic. The warlocks and the aliens got together to worship a cow and pow! SZA GEOW! To call it tech house would be a statement. We just got a little rowdy, it feels like we just said howdy and yet it’s already getting ‘Cloudy’. The final number on Feathericci’s sophomore release rolls in like a thick fog of minor melody building into a light misty rain of acoustic percussion and warm chord stabs; the approaching thunder of analog bass is ever looming but the storm never hits.

Well travellers, we thank you for riding Mesa Recordings Railways on the Feathericci Express. Until next time!


~ by acidted on February 11, 2016.

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