Light Falls – Prism


Delicate electronica from Light Falls, who was Attaque. Prism is the new track. It is a beautifully gossamer fine construction. Light house, slight touches of Detroit. Deceptively strong in how it’s put together. The synths and neo-choral touches give it an almost orchestral flourish of tone. This is really good.

Blurb: In 2015 Dominic Gentry, aka Attaque, retreated from playing DJ sets in dark techno clubs and instead spent his time touring his critically acclaimed debut album, ON LY OU on stages including Secret Garden Party and London’s KOKO.
As he enters 2016 Gentry has decided to exist as Light Falls. In the aftermath of last November’s atrocities in Paris, Gentry understandably felt he no longer wanted to move forward under the Attaque moniker.

‘Prism’ is the second part of Gentry’s debut release as Light Falls, it will be streaming online from 16th Feb. onward and officially released via Sweet Release Records.

Gentry comfortably straddles electronic song writing and emotive techno. ‘Prisms’ bubbling synths leaves us guessing as to what his 2016 long player will be.

Prism has the modern Sonics of Moderat but the classic longevity of Underworld, this is not just to be loved and enjoyed in the club as Prism pulls at the heart strings of the listener and drops them into an ever falling whirlpool of electronic beauty.

Stay tuned for more music from Light Falls in 2016.

~ by acidted on February 18, 2016.

3 Responses to “Light Falls – Prism”

  1. Cool track, sounds very 1993-ish, a crossover between Lionrock and The Grid perhaps? I miss those times.

  2. Interesting . Hadn’t seen it like that.

    • Well, I guess it depends mostly on personal feelings and experiencing of reality: maybe other people would think it’s a wrong pairing. Got a reply from him on the above comment I wrote also under his track, he seems a nice person too: another artist to add to my follow list.

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