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Today marks the start of a major new series. This blog aims to bring you more than simply music, it’s now going to improve your life further. If you were dancing in the 90s and now it’s all mortgages and career problems you need a coach to help sort through the debris. Not just any coach dispensing warm fuzzy nonsense. You need something to help you grip reality as it is, not what you want it to be. Life coach kitteh is here for you. Life coach kitteh clarifies and cuts through.

Life coach kitteh says “Judging someone on appearances is like listening, understanding and empathising, only a lot quicker.

Anthony Mansfield and JP Soul offer a couple of lovely deep house tracks. Opener Inner Demons is a lovely mix of faint acid underpinnings allied to a beautiful sense of melody. The Moving Song is a bit darker, a more straight dance track. More club. Still good but without quite the melodic adventure of Inner Demons.

Blurb: Roam Recordings has been operating out of San Francisco for over fifteen years. Once a small local label featuring forward thinking producers hailing from the Bay Area, it has since grown to become home to an international crew of top tier underground dance music talent.
With plans to make 2016 the best year yet, label boss JP Soul gets things started with his right hand man and SF rave lord Anthony Mansfield. The two have been finely honing their creepy crawly electronic sound as a duo over the past year and this latest release showcases their development as VIPs amongst San Francisco’s analog ‘rack pack’.

“Inner Demons” is a dark and witchy affair with acid tones, a haunting melody, and ominous sounds that seems to conjure creatures from the deep. Covert shuffling on late night dance floors is guaranteed. Flip the switch for “The Moving Song” which continues in this dark direction but with a tighter leash on its synthesized soundscape. A slinky groove for any discerning DJ’s set. Drop, spin, and roll.


~ by acidted on February 22, 2016.

4 Responses to “Life coach kitteh”

  1. I neither have a mortgage nor a career, nevertheless I’m looking forward to life coach kitteh’s lessons. Keep’em coming!

  2. Today’s lesson is well worth considering.

  3. Life coach kitteh has already made my life better. All hail Life coach kitteh.

  4. I agree to Luca. Gimme more lessons. Looking forward to them.

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