Ambient sounds from Negative Space


Negative Space is a new release from Sympathy Points, a new producer from Virginia. There’s all manner of ambient textures here. Some work, some don’t.

Negative Space opens with Last Scene, a lovely gently chiming track. It’s full of reassuring repetition and only gradual changes. A piece of serenity. Sympathy Points says of the release “For this release I tried to resist some of my usual tendencies while producing like feeling like I need to add drums or need to have songs structured a certain way. I tried to let go of these habits because a lot of the time they don’t necessarily benefit a song. Just concentrating on the way notes interact and things like repetition and texture is liberating and helps in refining a certain style of songwriting.”

Pain Rush is a change of style, with off kilter sounds and fragmented melodies. A studio idea that might have best been left there. Spirit of the Beehive is a return to quality. Lots of found sound and samples give it a strange woozy charm. Hardly a surprise that Sympathy Points says “The overall mood of Negative Space is inspired by a feeling of aimlessness and uncertainty.” The unevenness returns with Height Width Depth which is mood without melody. The fine line in ambient between quality and noodling is apparent in Lusthog. This is everything the previous track tries to be but fails. A sampled drone tune that gradually draws you in. The album closes with Up Close. There’s a real sense of coda, finality and closure to the descending chords.

~ by acidted on February 24, 2016.

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