Some good time house from EJECA. The lead track Meme is a lovely organ-driven tune with a bit of uplifting vocal. Obide, which follows, is if anything an even faster paced tune. This also has an early 90s euphoric feels but without the vocal.

Chris Hanna remixes Meme. He adds buckets of strings to the organ of the original but allow the tune time to really develop. He offers a little more space and sultriness. This goes on a space disco trip. Love this one. T-Bone and Slurrp also take on Meme but you’d hardly know it was the same track. The organ from the original is paired with crowd noises to give a neo sixties Motown house momentum.

All the tracks here are worth your time, but Chris Hanna just about steals the honours.

Blurb: Exploris head EJECA provides the label’s first release of 2016. ‘Meme’ EP is a direct club showcase consisting of two originals and two remixes. The title track ‘Meme’ is a fast tempo, Detroit influenced organ cut, with a euphoric vocal hook destined for peak time slots. Belfast friends Chris Hanna, T-bone & Slurrp deliver two remixes of the track. Chris grabs us with his building string interpretation, full of intensity and his trademark phat, gritty drums featured on Exploris 3. T-Bone & Slurp give us an off-kilter, ghetto house version that combines raw energy and rhythm. EJECA’s second track ‘Obide’ continues the high paced, retro Detroit feel, and is a perfect compliment to the title track

~ by acidted on February 25, 2016.

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