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Abstrakted is the new ambient project from Slighter. The new Systems – Chapter One EP contains five mood pieces which focus on the atmospheric both metaphorically and, in the case of the titles, literally.

The EP opens with Storm. This is a drone of rolling, boiling cumulonimbus. The roar of deadening rain, rather than the usual overblown music drama that is ascribed to storms. Dawn continues the drone sounds but with a gentle uplifting edge. This is how dawn really arrives, slowly and softly.

Waves is just that, waves. They crash gently on the shore, with the gradual drone of the music echoing that seemingly endless cycle of waves. Eventually, beats come in as welcome support to the tones. This ends up in a surprisingly danceable place. Damn fine tune. Earth has a rolling hills feel, with neo-classical bent. A bit Beethoven perhaps. Also rather good. The EP ends with Solar. Doesn’t quite shimmer as it does in my head. A bit 90s crusty dance.

This is a really good addition to the Slighter canon, with the possible exception of Solar. Shows his restless questioning nature from the diversity of what’s attempted. And that he’s a rather clever boy, given his success rate. More ambient from Abstrakted please.


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Abstrakted is the new excellent offshoot project from Colin C aka Slighter. The fledgling Abstrakted productions were of an ambient nature; this very natural 5 track EP expands into electronica and progressive as well as focusing on the original ambient/chill out soundscapes. In this era of constant changing global weather, “Systems : Chapter One”, takes us on sonic journey well worth repeating. Artwork note : Original painting by Colin C.

▼ Tracklist:
1. Abstrakted – Storm
2. Abstrakted – Dawn
3. Abstrakted – Waves
4. Abstrakted – Earth
5. Abstrakted – Solar

▼ Abstrakted:

~ by acidted on February 26, 2016.

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