Wind Horse Sampler 5 – Various Artists


An album’s worth of tracks from artists under the umbrella of India’s Wind Horse Records.

Starting off with the upbeat, percussive, albeit gentle, house beats of Tatsama’s ‘Junebug,’ which bobs along pleasantly, the agreeable mood continues with Jay Pei’s contribution, ‘Michigan.’ Enjoyable but not about to blow your socks off. Glasgow’s JFunc has more of a tech-house feel, with some delightfully luxuriant expansive synths swirling throughout and a cheery, summers-on-its-way vibe. A change in ambience comes with Hamza’s ‘Indigo Activation.’ This is a more quirky affair, made up of a standard beat layered with vocal snatches and long, drawn out synth notes, the off-beat nature marked by a slightly edgier tone.

5volts maintain the more prominent techno element with ‘Cemani’ projecting an intense, driving experience through sweeping, expansive synths all laid over an hypnotic beat. Nice. A builder of a tune in the form of ‘Before The Storm,’ courtesy of Ejaz and Subandrio who provide a more conventional but still satisfying techno track that gradually engulfs you with its fat, buttery bass and atmospheric, menacing synths. Stylish and dark. More techno pleasures abound with the grinding, bass driven ‘Reform’, a real tub thumping, 3am-and-trashed-on-the-dancefloor joy, crisp, powerful and exhilarating. To end, a return to the off-kilter with Stalvart John’s ‘It’s Just A Matter Of Time.’ An oddly endearing tune beginning with an emphatic, funky rhythm of beats that supports a chorus of eccentric, idiosyncratic noises and instruments and has a lovely break midway to boot.

Review by D

The album’s out now and so here are a couple tracks.

JFunc – “Ek Sien n’ Ses”

5volts – “Cemani”

~ by acidted on February 27, 2016.

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