On & Off and Ukkonen’s back again


At last, here’s Ukkonen’s first release after more than a year away. We dealt with the whys and wherefores of his absence in the interview last month. He promised us long track, and this one keeps that promise, with nigh on 20 minutes of ambient techno.

On & Off A Nonagon takes up where his stuff was headed before the absence. This has moved some way from the glacial ambient techno of his early releases and is much more in the more organic sounding neo-classical vein of his latter stuff.

This is a single piece but comes in roughly three movements. The first movement has a rippling tone, with sounds somewhere between xylophone and kalimba. This eventually gives way to synth but never quite grips. The second movement is dominated by synths doing a heroic Kraftwerkian cosmic disco thing. The best section of the track. The third movement is more of a comedown. A retreat from the dancefloor into pastoral sounds, full of lush synths. The ending is quite exquisite with two minutes of pure comedown to a bit of piano to fade.

This is the first track funded via www.patreon.com/ukkonen

Patrons check yr emails as your downloads are waiting for you!

Huge thank you to everyone who is supporting me 🙂

24bit WAV and liner notes for those who have pledged – mp3 for those who have not!

Everyone’s a winner baby.

~ by acidted on March 1, 2016.

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