Konektiv – Synchronicity 365


Is it possible to escape your past? The title, Synchronicity 365, can’t help but remind me of The Police’s overweening, overbearing, overblown 1983 album Synchronicity. Which is rather unfair because this is a rather good electronic album from Mexico’s Konektiv.

Opener, Interlude to Nothingness offers a gentle electronic intro to the album. Echoes of Silence is not the chilled opus that the title implies. My son described it as music for zombie dancing. It’s the techno influence coming through. Destino Paralelo takes us on a synth diversion – pleasant but unexceptional.

Infinitum offers the first vocal sample and a soaring feel. Terribly cosmic. Autodromo has engine hum and a darker warp. Monza returns to the car references but in a delicately paced track not at all evocative of F1 – not a bad thing. And more car references arrive with Interlagos. Again, a gently euphoric track, resting on synths, rather than beats.

The album ends with Dreams. Those dreams are not at all wistful. They are positive visions of the future. And that’s very much the sense of this album. It could do with losing a couple of tracks but overall one to enjoy.

Released on February 29th via Molecule Recordings.

iTunes Preorder: bit.ly/synchronicity365_iTunes

Blurb: The somewhat mysterious and elusive Mexican underground artist Daniel Mahuad (aka Konektiv) lets his music do the talking for him. As an artist, he knows no boundaries and his debut album ‘Synchronicity 365’ is an adventurous opus that can be best described as sound experimentation through intricate soundscapes and impulsive, bold shifts through genres. It evolves from enthralling slo-mo electronica towards deeply melodic techno with many adventures in between. In other words, this debut album from Konektiv is supremely individualistic and should not be missed!

Blurb: B


~ by acidted on March 2, 2016.

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