Techno from Monika Kruse

Kendo bow down

Monika Kruse @ Voodooamt is back with some remixes of a couple of tracks from the Passengers album as part of the 15 years of Terminal M celebrations. There’s a really great remix from Skober.

Let’s take the Skober mix first. It’s the stand out remix here. The track being remixed is Highway No. 4. This has a seemingly endless and aimless intro. But bear with it. After a minute or so some dark bass comes in, swiftly followed by some wordless but uplifting vocal. All of a sudden this has become a great piece of dark, twisted techno.

Albert Ruiz also takes on Highway No.4. He doesn’t waste any time getting into the track but the track doesn’t manage the same sense of development or emotional punch. That’s not to say that in a club it would be a bad track but in a cold kitchen it doesn’t warm.

Oliver Huntemann takes on Luvsucka and twists it into a tech house / techno cross of a somewhat minimal bassy style. This is followed by a remastered version of the original. The EP closes with a remastered version of Higway No.4, reminding us that the original track was no slouch in its own right.

Blurb: For the 15 years of Terminal M festivities it was a sure step to also get back into our catalogue and obviously listened to the older releases again. And it quickly came to our mind that Monika Kruse @ Voodooamt’s classic ‘Passengers’ album from 2003 still is a true gem. So we reworked and remastered the whole album and asked close friends to select a track they wanted to remix. Oliver Huntemann, Alberto Ruiz and Skober immediately agreed and surprised us with their great new interpretations.



~ by acidted on March 3, 2016.

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