Lucky Sun – Dreamin EP


Tom Lown gives us some delightful music on his new EP.

The eponymous title track is an unorthodox, thoroughly enjoyable number featuring the talents of a certain Troy Bolero (porn star name, anyone?) in the form of his lugubrious singing which takes place against a backdrop of easy going melody and rhythm. Slight echoes of the Handsome Family’s ‘Far From Any Road’ in the doleful, alt-country feel of the vocals.

By way of contrast, the Greenfish remix is a sparse house take on the original, dispensing almost completely with the words and leaving a crisp, succinct, though unremarkable track in its wake. Some fine funked up, laid back beats in ‘Cycles,’ possessed of a mid-tempo rhythm, gentle synths and a warm, summery feel. ‘Found’ is a mellow work, light of tone despite the deep bass, skimming along on gentle percussion and delicate synths shimmering like the heat on a hot day.

Review by D

Blurb: Lucky Sun is the side project from London producer Tom Lown. Having had a string of deep house releases on labels including Lost My Dog, Savoir Faire Musique and UM Records, Lucky Sun now moves in a more leftfield musical direction.The anchor of the EP is “Dreamin”, a mid-tempo affair that features the slightly quirky, crooner-ish vocal talent of the mysterious Troy Bolero. The main vocal floats above strings, melodic bleeps, and almost ethereal, harmonic backing vocals, giving the track a dreamy yet alternative feel. The track also gets an exquisite deep house treatment from Greenfish. The producer, well known for his releases on labels such as Ready Mix Records, Deep Clicks and UM Records, takes elements from the original and adds his trademark summery house music sound.There are also two other superb Lucky Sun originals present on the EP. “Cycles” starts off as a moody percussive groover. It is then transformed and takes on a new feeling when the deep, warm chords come in, adding a splash of sun shine. And then there’s “Found”, equally deep and featuring a half-time, dub-style groove. With keys, pads, and a super deep sub-bass, this one takes the listener to another place.


~ by acidted on March 5, 2016.

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